25 novembro 2010

gu A c A moL e

chef #1: dude, Baldor just dropped off a case of avocados...they're peaking...wanna make a soup or something for a special tonite?

chef #2: ...how about some guacamole?

chef #1: dude, that's lame

chef #2: yeah... but not if we deconstruct it...

chef #1: ?

chef #2: see, there's this philosopher dude, Derrida, who deconstructed text by examining and reforming words, syntax and language to personally connect with the context rather than the author.

chef #1: ????

chef #2: Then architects ran with that and applied it as theory by reorganizing the spatial and structural elements of a building, making it less familiar in order to create new relationships between these elements.

chef #1: ?????????

chef #2: So...we can apply this to guacamole by taking the flavors that are familiar and presenting them in a way that is unfamiliar, to force us to think about their relationship.

chef #1: F**k that, just make soup.

Playing with Fire and Water

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Encontrei um comentário seu mas não consegui acessar o link que você deixou para retribuir a gentileza:

Se não agradeci antes, fica o meu muito obrigado.

Ah, e não sou fã de guaca mole, talvez porque acostumei a comer abacate só como sobremesa, doce. :)